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I want to start this by thanking all of our great customers of the past years. We have moved, but not far. Our new shop is a short 5-minute drive from the old shop. Just east of the City line.  Our updated address is: Gray's Performance 6519 Arapahoe Rd Unit 1 Boulder, CO 80303

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Thank you to all of our current and future customers for making this possible.  The website is now live and open for orders. We will be adding content and updates weekly along with new products for a full range of wiring, plug and play harnesses and custom standalone harnesses as soon as we can.  We greatly appreciate everyone's patience as this is a new website and a new platform for us. There will be mistakes, spelling errors, grammatical nightmares, and hopefully very few shipping/order issues.  For questions, the best way to reach us is by email.  Thanks, J

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