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2003 - 2007 5.9L Cummins High Pressure MAP Adapter

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 High-pressure MAP adapter cable is designed to add a high-pressure transducer in conjunction with your factory MAP sensor. This harness gives the factory ECM the ability to read 85psi of boost.

Available for trucks with stock BARO:

  • Honeywell 85psi Brass
  • Honeywell 135psi Brass
  • Honeywell 135psi Stainless


If you are not running a stock BARO and are interested in getting accurate boost readings please email:



Calibration Data

All adapters sold prior to 9/1/2020 are V1 Calibration. 

V1 Sensor Calibration 150psi 
0.5v - 14.7psi
4.5v - 164.7psi  

V2 Sensor Calibration is included with sensor. 

Please note that we are doing our best to keep sensors in stock and ship the same day. If the sensor is not in stock it will take 3-5 days to ship.