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B&M Magnum Pro Grip - WPE 2 Button

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Gray's Performance is now offering modified B&M Pro Grip shifters with the WPE 2 Button Handles.

With exclusive permission from Walker, Gray’s Performance has taken over manufacturing and production of the WPE switch handles.

WPE shifter switches for TCI/B&M shifters. These provide 2 switches comfortably on the handle of your shifter. Each pushbutton features a corresponding LED that will indicate whether the button is on or off. Push buttons standard are on/off function, but momentary are also available (Email for more information.) These kits include both side plates, and all necessary hardware and components to install. 

The Magnum Grip Pro Stick shifter delivers rock-solid performance, mixed with clean design cues and compact size. This is why you see so many Pro Stick shifters at the race track. We start off with a heavy duty steel base with a hardened steel gate plate and a reverse lockout feature that only requires one hand to operate, and complies with NHRA/IHRA safety rules. Then add the billet aluminum Magnum Grip shift handle, with replaceable side grip plates, matching aluminum trigger and finish it off with a brushed aluminum cover with quick release pins, and you end up with one good looking bullet-proof race shifter. Optional Forward and Reverse shift pattern gate plates are available for most popular 2, 3 and 4-speed transmissions. This model Pro Stick comes out of the box ready for Chrysler / Dodge 47 and 48 RE-RH transmissions, includes a 5-foot Super Duty shift cable, brackets, levers, hardware and detailed instructions for an easy installation.


  • Reverse Lockout Feature meets NHRA/IHRA Requirements
  • Precise Gate Action Ensures Consistency
  • Over 65 Years of B&M Quality
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty