TCI /B&M 2 Button Shifter Handle - Gen 2

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 The fist batch has officially sold out.

We are waiting for more handles to come in. Next shipment date will be around 7/31

The original WPE Gen 2 TCI/B&M switched shifters. With exclusive permission from Walker Gray’s Performance has taken over manufacturing and production of the WPE switch handles.

WPE shifter switches for TCI/B&M shifters. These provide 2 switches comfortably on the handle of your shifter. Each pushbutton features a corresponding LED that will indicate whether the button is on or off. Push buttons standard are on/off function, but momentary are also available (Email for more information.) These kits include both side plates, and all necessary hardware and components to install. 

The Changes:

  • Handles are black material and not painted gloss black
  • LEDs are Red/Green instead of clear