2003 - 2007 5.9L Cummins V2 High Pressure MAP Sensor for 6.7L Intake Horn


This version of the harness for for customers with 5.9L engine harnesses, and 6.7L intake horns.

High-pressure MAP adapter cable is designed to add a high-pressure transducer in conjunction with your factory MAP sensor. This harness gives the factory ECM the ability to read up to 185psi of boost.

When ordering your sensor you want to pick the closest possible sensor to the amount of boost you are running. If you order a 185psi sensor and are only running 70psi of boost you will loose a substantial amount of accuracy and it will only make your tuners life harder. 

These are not drop in sensor, the MAP sensor will require an 1/8th NPT port to thread into your intake. You will need to have your truck re-tuned for the sensor to work correctly. 

Max Boost Reading for trucks with stock BARO:

  • Honeywell 85psi Stainless
  • Honeywell 135psi Brass
  • Honeywell 135psi Stainless
  • Honeywell 185psi Stainless (You do not need this. Literally ever. DO NOT buy this.)
  • LDM 10 Bar (130psi) Stainless
    Please note these ARE NOT interchangeable with the stock style 10bar MAP sensors that have been sold by other companies and will need to be re-scaled.

    Max Boost Reading for trucks WITHOUT BARO:

    This option is for Race / Track use ONLY. Do not run one on the street. 
    This sensor should ONLY be run if your harness does not have a stock BARO. 

    • Honeywell 130psi Stainless

    Email: Jerri@graysperformance.com to order the sensor without BARO. 

    Calibration Data

    All adapters sold prior to 9/1/2020 are V1 Calibration. 

    V1 Sensor Calibration 150psi 
    0.5v - 14.7psi
    4.5v - 164.7psi  

    V2 Sensor Calibration is included with sensor. 

    Please note that we are doing our best to keep sensors in stock and ship the same day. If the sensor is not in stock it will usually take 3-5 days to ship.