B&M Magnum Pro Grip - Billet 2 Button


Gray's Performance is now offering modified B&M Pro Grip shifters with latching buttons with the intended use for FMVB 46re, 47re, and 48re applications.

The Magnum Grip Pro Stick shifter delivers rock-solid performance, mixed with clean design cues and compact size. This is why you see so many Pro Stick shifters at the race track. We start off with a heavy duty steel base with a hardened steel gate plate and a reverse lockout feature that only requires one hand to operate, and complies with NHRA/IHRA safety rules. Then add the billet aluminum Magnum Grip shift handle, with replaceable side grip plates, matching aluminum trigger and finish it off with a brushed aluminum cover with quick release pins, and you end up with one good looking bullet-proof race shifter. Optional Forward and Reverse shift pattern gate plates are available for most popular 2, 3 and 4-speed transmissions. This model Pro Stick comes out of the box ready for Chrysler / Dodge 47 and 48 RE-RH transmissions, includes a 5-foot Super Duty shift cable, brackets, levers, hardware and detailed instructions for an easy installation.


  • Reverse Lockout Feature meets NHRA/IHRA Requirements
  • Precise Gate Action Ensures Consistency
  • Over 65 Years of B&M Quality
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty


  • Shifter Assembly
  • Shifter Cover
  • Shifter Cable (5ft)
  • Selector Lever (Chrysler / AMC)
  • Cable Bracket (Chrysler / AMC)