Cummins 47RE/48RE FMVB (Full Manual Valve Body) Wiring Kit


Cummins 47 / 48 RE FMVB (Full Manual Valve Body) Wiring Kit. 

Looking to clean up your transmission wiring for your FMVB swap? This is the easiest way. This in a brand new valve body connector with 3, 8ft pigtails (2 - 18awg, 1 - 16awg.) No need for excessive number of splices. 

We also provide sealing plugs for the other 5 terminals to keep moisture out of the connector.  

Kit Includes:
1 - Connector
1 - 16awg 8ft Pigtail
2 - 18awg 8ft Pigtail
3 - Non-insulated Butt Splices
3 - 3:1 Ratio Adhesive Heat Shrink Pieces